Ditch The Mom Guilt

The Book
I’m currently writing my first book, Ditch The Mom Guilt, and it’s written especially for you.
The Mom who always feels guilty.
The Mom who never feels quite good enough.
The Mom who always thinks she could do better.
The Mom who sees every other Mom doing a better job than her.
Because I used to feel just like you.
I used to beat myself up, and be riddled with guilt and not enoughness.
Until one day. One day I decided that enough was enough, that there must be a better way.
Today I don’t feel those things.
I don’t have those thoughts.
I’ve ditched perfectionism, and buried it!
And in my book I’m going to show you how you can too.
And how when you do, it’s the best thing for both you and your children.
But it’s a work in progress. My book proposal is ready, but while I write I need to build my following, and I’d love to have you with me on my journey.
So come and hang out with me on Instagram. I’ll share my story with you, and along the way share my top tips, and sneak peeks from the book, on how you too can Ditch The Mom Guilt.

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