I am a happiness embodiment coach focused on helping Moms ditch the overwhelm and guilt and reclaim the joy of parenting. I started my parenting journey at 17 and since then I have been a single Mom, a working Mom, a stay at home Mom, a divorced Mom and am blessed to be a step Mom to my bonus kids in my blended family, giving me a true breadth of life experience to help other Moms with everything I have learned and experienced.

I started my career at 22 in corporate America as an accountant and I am a CPA. After 14 years I semi-retired to be a stay at home Mom to my newly blended family of 5 children ranging in age from 1 to 17.  After 12 years as a stay at home Mom I returned to the workforce in October of 2019. Six months later the pandemic hit and I currently work remotely.

I am a fitness fanatic and have been exercising since I was in high school, I currently do Pilates three days a week. I am also passionate about health and wellness and am in full remission from a chronic autoimmune condition.  My drive to overcome challenges in life is fuel for my passion to help other Moms find true happiness and fully embody it in their lives.

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